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Since we first started selling Mosquito Magic® over 14 years ago, we have received hundreds of unsolicited testimonials about Mosquito Magic® and its effectiveness, from mothers with small children, to retirees, to outdoor enthusiasts, and others all across the country. We welcome all responses and comments about Mosquito Magic® from anyone who has purchased one of our products. To leave a comment go to the Contact Us page, fill in the form and hit the send message button.

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I want to tell you how we feel about your product. We received the order late in the afternoon last Friday. My husband used the clip when we took our dogs for a walk that evening and he had no problem. On Saturday we had an evening pool party and my husband worked out in the back yard preparing for it - vacuuming the pool, etc. This is where and when he usually gets eaten up badly by the mosquitoes. He used the wipe on his pulse points and also used the clip again. He was thrilled that no mosquitoes bothered him at all. About a 1/2 hr. before our guests arrived, he sprinkled the crystals around the area where we planned to sit. Several of our guests commented on what a beautiful evening it was for a pool party and how wonderful not to be bothered by the mosquitoes.

Today, Monday, he worked in the back yard trimming trees and for the first time, used a wipe. He said the wipes are much stronger but he also used the clip again as well. Sweat poured off him, but no mosquitoes. In a little shed where he keeps only the lawn mower, wheelbarrow, shovels, etc., he said it was the worse place - inhabited by millions of mosquitoes. He went in there today for a tool to use in the tree trimming and he said not one mosquito bothered him. Needless to say, we are extremely pleased with your product. I just wanted you to know how successful your product has been for us and I am telling everyone about it. Many thanks for your fine product and you can be sure we will be ordering from you again!

Cary, NC

Thanks to your Mosquito Magic® products, I was able to pack a gourmet picnic and go to the fabulous July 4th celebration that the little town of Garner sponsors every year. I've declined to go with my hubby for the past 10 years because I didn't want to risk the bug bites. But I'd heard wonderful things about the Army Band and the NC Symphony playing stirring music to set the stage for the magnificent fireworks display. My hubby and our friends enjoyed the picnic that I packed, and then we sang along to the show tunes and patriotic music for a couple of hours before the fireworks.

Our friends brought along a spray bottle of 'OFF' and offered it to us, but I said that they didn't need it -- I had something better. They didn't look too sure, but I passed around a single MM Wipe and said that was all they'd need. So, even though they were wearing shorts and sandals, they decided to go along, probably because I'd provided a nice meal and they figured it would be rude not to take my advice.

After almost 4 hours watching people around us swatting and scratching, my party of four thoroughly enjoyed our evening completely bug free! As you know, if any type of biting bug knows I'm in the vicinity they'll hone in, but tonight was a first for me, and apparently for our friends as well. They were amazed. They were also impressed that they didn't need to reapply the MM every few minutes, and that it contains no harmful chemicals.

Thanks again for my new found freedom. Words cannot express how grateful I am to be able to enjoy the outdoors after dark, and come home without the stress and painful consequences that I used to endure for something so simple as enjoying a concert under the stars or a really good fireworks display.

Thank you and everyone at MM for giving me back my night life -- it's my absolutely favorite time of the day!

Carol ,
Raleigh, NC

I gave the Mosquito Magic® clip-on its first trial run on a hike through the redwoods today. Thought I would report back to you. It seemed to be working!

The mosquitos were out in force as we hiked but didn't trouble us too much because we were moving rapidly. At the after hike gathering though, we became a stationary target as we sat and chatted. We were seated in two groups, spaced about ten feet apart.

Those sitting next to me only had a few mosquitoes investigating for ripe flesh. The other group, however, had mosquitoes swarming around them. I suddenly became very popular! Thanks again.

West Coast

I live in a mosquito infested area of the South, and they're particularly bad this Spring despite the cold weather. I spend a lot of time outdoors, so I regularly bathed in DEET products.

This is a tough test for Mosquito Magic, and its working well so far! I also received a personal e-mail from the company thanking me for the order and notifying me of when it would be shipped. I very much liked the personal touch.

Thank you,
South Carolina

Just had to tell you the Mosquito Magic® products worked wonderfully!

This past week in upstate New York has been brutal with the heat and humidity. I was working Saturday and Sunday aboard the canal boats on the Erie Canal, near Syracuse. Those pesky swamp angels were buzzing around inside the cabins. I applied Mosquito Magic® to my pulse points, as you suggested, and voila, they stayed away from me.

It is easy to carry Mosquito Magic® Wipes in my pack and apply when needed, and the scent is so wonderfully herbal. Thanks so much for offering such a great product. I am going to spread the word!

Best regards,
New York

Thanks again for the magic! The Maine mosquitoes don't like your products at all.

I really appreciated watching the mass exodus of mosquitoes. At first I thought they were headed south for the winter. Then I realized they were simply trying to get away from me!

from Maine

I am claustrophobic and could not tolerate the mosquito netting around me at night. So i was quite vulnerable to the little pests. I would take a shower with the soap before going to bed at night and, just to be on the "safe side", I would lay my clip beside my pillow near my head.

I could hear the mosquitoes buzzing around but not one landed on me. Praise the Lord! What peace it gave me to go to sleep and know I would not be bitten. This was our fourth trip to Kenya and using the Mosquito Magic® products made it much easier to protect ourselves and we loved that it was ALL natural.

May he richly bless you!

My friend Julianne gave me some of the granules that you put in the round green container that's on a belt clip. I was out one morning working on my roses and I'd used Off, but the mosquitoes were eating me alive.

So, I thought I'd try the Mosquito Magic® Clip and clipped it to the bottom off my t-shirt. I didn't get another bite the rest of the time I was outside. I'm sold!

I've also told several of my friends about y'all. Great stuff!

Dallas TX

What a GREAT and awesome blessing it was to receive the Mosquito Magic®! Words can't even begin to explain the easiness and the comfort that was felt after its use.

As I had walked around visiting the villages within the deep jungles of Bolivia, I was very curious (and have to admit... nervous), that Mosquito Magic® would prevent me from being bitten by any insects in this area! I was nervous about not using anything more potent that what you had sent me.

We were camped by rivers, canals, torrential rains, crossed over dirty creeks and logs, around many spiders and bugs... just about any and every kind of pest that God put on this planet was in the jungle!

However, after seeing that volunteers on the mission trip who chose not to use the Mosquito Magic® soap and wipes had actually been bitten, I had confirmed that this stuff really is AWESOME!!!

from Bolivia

I want to tell how wonderful it was to spend 4 days camping in the Colorado mountains along a creek swarming with mosquitos and coming home with only 1 bite!

My family of 5 camp there every 4th of July and every year come home covered with bug bites even though we used the other mosquito repellant products. This year we used Mosquito Magic granules around our camp site, the bar soap for showering each day and we hung the personal clip on the outside zipper of our tent door.

What a pleasant surprise! We had no bugs sneaking into our tent as we went in and out, which meant no night time bites while we were sleeping. Our friends and fellow campers were using another product without any relief, they asked if they could use the granules to rub on their skin and were amazed at the results.

One friends husband is in Iraq and is being bitten pretty bad and she want's to send some to him so he can get some relief. Your product is phenomenal!

Colorado Springs, Co.