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As you know, mosquitoes are drawn to people and animals by carbon dioxide. When you breathe the dinner bell rings for all female mosquitoes nearby. Your breath is the attractant that says it's time for them to feast on you, or some member of your family due to the carbon dioxide it contains.

Mosquito Magic® helps prevent mosquitoes from biting you, your family, and pets in two ways. One is in its terrific scent. That scent is pleasant to you, but it camouflages your presence to mosquitoes. Two, Mosquito Magic® contains 12 essentail natural oils in a patented formulated compound that mosquitoes find totally undesirable. So, if a mosquito "bumps" into you, they won't find you attractive if you are using Mosquito Magic®.

Mosquito Magic® products have been sold to consumers from all walks of life for the past 14 years. We have a large number of repeat buyers each year too which is a testimony to the effectiveness of all our Mosquito Magic® products.

NOTHING! Shipping is always free on all orders in the continental US. A small upcharge for additional shipping costs we are charged when shipping orders to Hawaii and Alaska will be added to your order at time of shipping.

Mosquito Magic® Crystals Shaker

Remember that Mosquito Magic® Crystals should be "sprinkled liberally" over the areas to be occupied 45 minutes to 1 hour before occupying the area. This gives Mosquito Magic® enough time to reach maximum potency as it is heat activated.

You can also make a spray using the Mosquito Maigic® Crystals. Just take a small spary bottom and dump some Mosquito Magic® Crystals into it, then fill with water and allow the crystals to dissolve. Spray on exposed skin areas as needed. Avoid sprying on face around eyes.

Mosquito Magic® Clip

Put your clip on a few moments before going out to give it time to begin protecting you. Remember Mosquito Magic® is heat activated so give it time to work if you are coming out of an air conditioned area.

When you finish using it, put your Mosquito Magic® Clip into a ziplock sandwich bag and seal it. It will last much longer, up to 30 days depending on amount of use.

Mosquito Magic® Wipe

Take the Mosquito Magic® Wipe out of the pouch and put it on exposed skin, or on “pulse points” (neck, inside the elbow, behind the knees and around the ankles) for maximum protection. After using it, put the used Mosquito Magic® Wipe in a ziplock sandwich bag and seal for reuse for up to 30 days, and by different family members if you like.

You should not use Mosquito Magic® Wipe on the faces or hands of young children as it uses a more concentrated formulation than the other Mosquito Magic® products do. Children have a tendency to touch their eyes, mouth, nose, and face after they use products such as a wipe, and the formula could cause eye irritation. For the best results on children, simply apply to pulse points and on exposed legs. The Mosquito Magic® Wipe is so effective that applying to every exposed part of your body is not necessary to do. If the eyes do become irritated, flush the eyes with cool water for relief.

Mosquito Magic® is HEAT ACTIVATED. Most of us work and live in air-conditioned buildings or houses. Due to that, we suggest you put your clip on, or put the crystals shaker contents outside a few minutes before using.

Mosquito Magic® is inactive inside where it’s cool. It takes heat to make the Mosquito Magic® Clip or Crystals start working its magic. The hotter it is, the more active Mosquito Magic® becomes. So please give it time to act. It is well worth it to have a totally safe all-natural repellent protect you from flying pests outdoors.

Mosquito Magic® includes the following all natural oils in its patented formulation:

  • Cedar oil
  • Cinnamom oil
  • Citronella oil
  • Clove oil
  • Lemongrass oil
  • Mint oil
  • Peppermint oil
  • Rosemary oil
  • Thyme oil

Mosquito Magic® is completely safe for everyone in the family when used as directed.

Mosquito Magic® was recently featured on The Today Show on NBC. See what they had to say about the Mosquito Magic® Clip!